Jan 29, 2009

Mobile Envy

A couple weeks back I started using my trusty old SE P990i to a fuller extent. I've been loading it up with MP3s and even converted some vids off the net for it to play with. Overall I was happy.

Then my office mate came along with his brand spanking new Nokia 5800. Just a break down, it has 80mb internal memory, memory card support, Bluetooth, WLAN, Symbian OS and touch screen. (More features here.) From what I saw so far, I want one! Hehe.

I've been kind of holding back going back to Nokia due to the lack of stylus/touchscreen products. I generally like Nokia phones due to its user friendliness but annoying how they come up with the occasional screw overs on physical designs, take Nokia 3650 as an example.

Well, with all that I still have some other priorities over a new phone but this seems to be good replacement for my old phone.



Kat said...

Hmm, I'm holding my judgement for it. Looks good though. If it works great then I'd say it would be a good alternative to an iPhone (which is still waaaay out of my budget).

Now if SE makes a touchscreen in the P-series... wohooo!

Bakemono said...

Yeah, im kinda waiting on another model off the P-series, but its just hella expensive when it comes out.

Kat said...

I'm looking for a P1i. That's good enough for me. I don't know what else would I need for a phone anyway. :p I rarely text anymore...