Dec 29, 2008

Webcomics, Yay!

I really should be doing something more productive but i can't seem to help it. Oh well. So here is another time waster of sorts, WEBCOMICS!!! *Yayz!*

Since yesterday I've been crawling around links between a couple of webcomics and found these excellent finds of geeky goodness. What I meant by geeky goodness is, it is someway still connected to video games.
  • VG Cats - parody of random video games. Very funny.
  • Looking For Group - set in a WoW'esque world, staring a psychotic undead warlock/necromancer.
  • Penny Arcade - 10 years and still running, one of the famous video game pop culture.
  • Megatokyo - j-pop culture and with an otaku, a video geek and a good story line.
Note: I'm quite positive i posted this before but oh well.

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