Dec 26, 2008

Video Game Music


I'm quite amazed how video game culture has evolved. I knew that I wasn't alone in my appreciation of video games and its music. There are a lot of great background music on video games that just gets stuck in your head.

Now there is a slew of indie artists showing their love for video games by way of remixes. Good news is, most of them are free. Anyhoo, I haven't listened to them all but I am planning to do so during the office hours. That should make that 8 hour stint more amusing. :D

Of course, here is a list of more Video Game Music Remix/Artists:


Anthony said...

Hey, this is Anthony, I run GM4A! I stumbled upon your blog from google alerts. Just wanted to say thanks a ton for mentioning my blog and for supporting VGM, hope you discover even more awesome bands!

Bakemono said...

Well, thanks for putting a blog for it. This is good stuff man, keep up the good work. :D