Sep 20, 2008

My current weekly to do list

Picture unrelated; Its my toy fig and took a pic for fun.
Well, as before work sucks but at least the pay is decent and I got weekends off. So to keep my sanity in check and my English fresh (for obvious reasons) I have something lined up for almost everyday of the week. Its always nice to put something of a treat every now and then while you go through life.
Aside from checking stuff on my Google Reader, on a daily basis i check on Screwattack, The Game Heroes, Gametrailers, Cinemassacre and That Guy With The Glasses. Hehe.

Note: I'm still looking for good audio podcasts from different parts of the world. I want to study their accents, something for me to mimic. The good about audio podcasts, I can just load em up on my MP3 player and play them while on my way to work. :D


Kat said...

Well, you can always get from BBC for the English podcasts but I doubt if you'll like the subjects they talk about hehe.

Nice sked, ah :)

Bakemono said...

Yeah, BBC, sound too serious though. Ick, Hanap hanap parin muna ko. :P