Sep 14, 2008

Welcome NDS, Eris!!!

Yay, weekend!!! Finally sometime to really put my new Nintendo DS (lite) to her rounds see if everything is right and is in tip top condition. I got her last Monday, I had to borrow some money from my bro for it though. As for my PSP Lilith, I had her sent to my bro in Singapore since I'd playing my thumbs off with Eris.

Now the name, I went around for a bit for a good name for my NDS. Originally it was Discord or DS-cord, due to it being a DS unit. (yes, i'm soo smarter'er); but Kat suggested the name Eris the goddess of Discord. I liked it cuz it was easy on the ears and unique. Haha. Thanks Kat. :D

I already got her some screen protectors and hard/crystal case. See!!!

After putting it on, she looks like more a video game console now. It certainly took down the sexy points (originally looking like a make up kit), but I'm happy with it. :D

I'm currently testing her Wifi play and some other homebrew stuff. Yay!

Oh yeah, i soo love video games, specially Nintendo. It just reeks of nostalgia and keeps the demons out of my head. I love you Nintendo!! :D


Kat said...

I score! Hehe.

Oh, you got the crystal case? Nice, and a screen protector too! Haha, when you first handed it to me, I was "Ano to?" haha. Make-up kit. :D

Bakemono said...

Yeah, hehe. It did look like one. :P Nonetheless I lurve it still :D

Kat said...

Nintendo is the classic game console/team/company ever. :D

Bakemono said...

Love it. :D