Feb 9, 2008

Art Attack by Destructoid

For a while now I've been frequenting Destructoid for my daily video game and geek dose. They have this Art Attack Friday on every, uh, Friday US time of course. A good place to get art inspiration for myself, whatever is left of it. Sigh. I remember when i was a kid, i just copy and copy cartoons, comics, toy boxes, and the funny pages till i get the hang of the art style. Hmm... i guess i better do that again. Yep, thats it, im gonna go try copying stuff, not the stealing copying. Bah, I'm rambling... ooh loookit the tag on this post! Ramblings! Yey....

Oh, here also is tag they have Artsy Fartsy. More fun video game geekery ranging from art concepts to toys.


kat said...

Start drawing *wapish* :D

Ei, the word verification says "krudz" haha.

Bakemono said...

Haha, yes mam. :P