Sep 14, 2007

PSP 2000 (aka PSP Slim)

Well, i am a proud owner of a PSP unit, the older version that is. Usually when an upgrade of one of my worldly possessions comes out, i get all annoyed. I go want one!! Well, as for PSP Slim, not much bothered. :)

Here is a breakdown of the important features:

- 33% lighter
- cosmetically slimmer and sleeker design
- slight upgrade on the controls and button placement
- USB charging option
- Video output capability
- double the internal ram for faster loading

CNET pretty much gives good reviews on my opinion. They helped my buying my first Creative Muvo 512mb before. Well, click here for the PSP 2000 (PSP Slim) review.


MSNized said...

i'm hoping the older models would drop prices when this comes out, yet, i'm still opting for a ps3.

kat said...

Hopefully it won't be like the slim PS2 where it doesn't hold up to the original in terms of durability when it comes to gaming.

Feh, goes to show that sometimes waiting it so much better. Well, I'm still opting to get a PS3 and a Wii. :D

Bakemono said...

Wait a bit more, i guess.

Yeah, i've been hearing the PSP Slim feels very fragile.

Hmm, wonder if how long the next-gen consoles would last.