Apr 7, 2012

Game Boy Micro

I finally gave in, I got a Game Boy Micro for a pretty nice deal, brand new of course. Ideally, I wanted the 20th Anniversary Edition, but since the whole Game Boy Micro line has been discontinued I just settled with this. I've been mulling about with the purchase but since I've had good experiences with the Nintendo and its products, I went ahead.  :)

The Game Boy Micro fresh out of the box, sorta.. 
This baby is currently the smallest full fledged handheld console that that I know of. I knew the unit would be tiny but actually playing with it is a different thing. I love the feel of the buttons in general but the form of the unit really needs some getting use to since.


It's good with all the Game Boy Advanced games (of course) but they removed the backward compatibility for the old Game Boycarts. It has a nice rechargeable battery, back-lit screen, adjustable brightness and volume control. Over all, I'm quite happy with the purchase. :)

Oh yeah, about 10 years back I originally had a Game Boy Advance and bought Castlevania Circle of the Moon to play with. Sold off the GBA (Game Boy Advance) and left the cart with me as remembrance. Anyhow, since the game cart was quite old, it's save function went kaput. After going around the net,  found out that most of the GBA cartridges used a small battery to help it save games, keep scores, time, etc.  Finally got it fixed and here is a nice guide for the fix, here.


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