May 21, 2009

My new laptop: Alecta

I can't believe I was able to afford buying a laptop and well, here it is. She is around a month old. Named her Alecta, coming from Greek Mythology's Alecto (suggested by Kat).

Out of the plastic

Out of the box with all the junk

Finally all set up in my room.

So far I'm pleased with the performance and all. My only wish was the keyboard had some sort of black light to it and bluetooth for my phone. Well, both things I could do without but it would be definitely nice to have. :)


Kat said...

Well it was one of the names I suggested anyway hehe. What, no post of your happy picture? Hehe.

I laugh again when I see the mouse & the headset haha. Congrats again!

Bakemono said...

Nah, ill keep em off the net. Tama na yun nasa plurk. hehe.