Jan 13, 2009

Scottish and British Accents

I always admired how Scottish and British accents sounded, it certainly had character. One of these days, I knew that I'm going to try to pick up these accents and maybe mess around with it. So around last week Kat shot me a instant with the link on a How to for British Accents. Nice tutorial. But for me, I wanted to go with Scottish Accent first. The Scottish Accent sounds quite burly, so that is why I want to learn it. :D
Note: I've been downloading the vids and converting them for my phone to play so its kinda making me smile that im using my phone this way. No need to buy some hell expensive Ipod or something.


Kat said...

The Scots accent, for me, has a rolling "r" (the 'burr'). It'll fit you, and it'll be cool if you get it and we go around with you talking that way. More people will mistake you for a gaijin :D

Bakemono said...

Hehe, should be fun indeed. Hmm, more more practice. :D