Oct 6, 2008

G.I.Joe: The Movie

Ever since I heard the G.I.Joe Movie song clip from a Podcast. I got me a copy of the movie, and damn it brought back good memories. I love the cheesy lines, sound effects and the names. Come on, whats with the Joe's names, Snow Job, Beach head and, Law and Order. Haha. At least Cobra had theirs named better, Zartan, Baroness, and Destro. Heck even the generic footmen were better. Crimson Guards, Vipers and the ever lovable B.A.T (Battle Android Trooper).

Going back to the intro song, i love the part where Cobra part of the song but the G.I.Joe parts.. sounded cheesy. Haha, Oh well. Now I'm off to get me a copy of the whole series if possible. I wanted to see how Serpentor was made again. Sigh, good ol' classic cartoons.

I now want a Cobra T-shirt now...


Kat said...

Some guy was wearing this yesterday. Hehe.

Bakemono said...

Hehe, ganun ba. Didnt notice. :P