Aug 20, 2008

Top things I'd love to but I can't.

1. Play all the video games in the world.
- I can't because my eyes might fall out.

2. Pop all the bubble wrap I want.
- I can't because I might go insane.

3. Unravel all the dental floss I want.
- I can't, my mom would kill me.

4. Play with rolls of tissue paper and throw em all over things.
- I can't, I'd look retarded.. wait...

5. Make my neck, finger, back, elbow & knee bones pop.
- I can't, I might stealth kill myself.

6. Shove massive amounts of popcorn/fries into my pie hole.
- I cant, my tongue would dry due to all their salt content.

7. Suck on a block of cheese all day long.
- I can't, for the fear of giant ninja cows might assassinate me in my sleep.

8. Grow a bad-ass biker goatee.
- I can't, because the goatee fairy won't let me.

9. Go to Japan.
- I can't; well, not yet. :P

10. Make a quick doodle for this post.
- I can't, because a cow borrowed my tablet.


Kat said...

#2 - My friends and I found four sheets (about 2'x3') of bubblewrap back in college. Spent the afternoon popping them. My fingers hurt after hehe.

#3 - Ok, so why do you like to do that hehe.

#5 - I remember you doing this haha.

#9 - Sama ako!!!

#10 - You can try doodling on your phone then upload it ehehe (wow, sineryoso ko ang post hehe)

Bakemono said...

Oo nga sineryoso mo, hehe. Well, guess your the only reader though. Haha.

Kat said...

Haha. Either that, or ako lang ang me lakas ng loob mag comment :p

Bakemono said...

Haha, maybe eh no. :P