Aug 3, 2008

Fallout 2

Nostalgia, always a good nerve to tap on to strike up a good conversation. Well, granted that the person you are talking to can relate and had the same experiences. Haha.

Going back, the video clip above is an intro from one of my favorite games for the PC. I haven't actually finished the damn thing; its just such a big world in the game and too much to do there. I just love the intro, everything comes together; the music and the art style not to mention it was created by Black Isle Studios. They are also responsible for the great PC RPGs like the Baldur's Gate series. Too bad they closed up on Dec 2003.

On a lighter note, Fallout 3 is coming out but you have to have a beefed up system, PS3 or Xbox360.



Kat said...

My gas, since when did Fallout 1 & 2 became retro games? Hehe. I remember these from college, and Baldur's Gate too. Never did play them, but I usually did sit in the sidelines and watch others play. :D

Bakemono said...

Yep, feeling ko nga rin kelan lang. Only to realize its been what, 10-15 years ago. Haha.

Kat said...

Really? That long ago na? Wah! Hehe