Jul 20, 2008


Well, this should pretty entertaining. The guys at ID software are releasing an online web browser based Quake for FREE! Wow, with a decent connection this should brood more procrastinating goodness for everyone. Frags for everyone all over!

Anyone interested should go and sign up for Beta testing. I sure hope I get in; that should be a interesting thing to put on my resume I guess. Haha.


Kat said...

There's that bit in Dumb Little Man, I think, where you can put stuff like being part of a beta test or something as part of your resume. :D

Ah, Quake. Never really got to play it, but I used to watch a live game on the Now channel. Good luck! That, at least, is something to do, and who knows what good stuff might happen? :D

Bakemono said...

I knew I read/heard about it somewhere, maybe I got it there.

Quake is just mindless fun, you should try it sometime. Hehe. Well, maybe when the online browser version comes out.

Kat said...

Quake reminds me of "agawan base" for some reason.

Sky has NoW? Argh, I love that channel. Games galore!

Kat said...

Wait, disregard the last sentence. It's another one of our "WTF are you talking about" discussions haha.