Feb 7, 2008

Lilith is getting sexier

My PC, Lilith is getting sexier. Just got her a new 19inch LCD screen. Wonder when i'd be able to really upgrade or practically change her insides (CPU, Mobo, Vidcard, etc). Yep sounds pervy, haha.


kat said...

Widescreen? I don't really like widescreen for some reason. I think it was because back in Cebu the ones we used distorted my display. :p And it doesn't correspond to the tablet properly.

How much did that cost? I plan to get one and update my yet unnamed three month old PC. Once I upgrade the RAM, that is. :D

Bakemono said...

Got it for 9200. Tablet-wise, hmm. oks lang i didnt really notice yet. Computer and parts are getting cheaper :)

kat said...

Hmmm, sige, will check it out. RAM muna siguro. I want to install Creative Suite CS3 kasi. Tried, but it keeps saying I need more RAM. :p