Jan 25, 2008

Crazy thoughts

Just saw this guy on the brink of jumping of a window from a high condo unit in Roxas Bulevard from the morning news. Well, he was depressed according to the reports but was able to find time waving to the people below. Amusing, i think, hehe; at least he didnt jump off. Hmm, what if the poor guy was just thinking, hard. I know id love the refreshing air from the top. Wouldnt that suck big time if people suddenly rush out and think you were suicidal. Any amount of shouting and explaining would be useless i bet. Haha.

-Blogging from my p990i.


kat said...

I do wonder what goes on in the heads of those who wish to take their own lives. Are they really twisted up there, or have they just given up the hope that whatever problem they have can be solved if they just ask for help? :(

Moblog, yabang. Haha.

Bakemono said...

Moblog, all the way from the bathroom. Hehe. :P