Nov 9, 2007

Post Birthday post

Had to skip work due to my meds, geez, making all dizzy. My BP is lower since the meds though. Never would I have thought that I "might" have a heart condition. Next stop for me is ECG according to my doctor, they want to see what could be wrong with my ticker. Tsk tsk.

Sigh, i don't think i'd be getting that camera anymore. Also, i have to cut down my OT... Grah, depressing crap.

On a lighter note, Kat gave me this birthday gift. :)


kat said...

Wah! That's not nice news. I hope nothing's wrong with you :(

Nice pic. Hehehe.

Maya said...

nice drawing, kat! suits the manwhore.. whooops! bakemono's reading pala.
dude, i hope that's nothing serious. just some stress-related thing like mine. take care and be well. oh, belated happy birthday!

Bakemono said...

Well, i got my ECG results and my tickers ticking good. Thanks. :D