Oct 15, 2007

More photo pimpin and wants

Got several topics to blog but can't seem to get started but heck. I'll post something very short first instead.


Oh yeah, I saw these two figures on sale... giving thought if they are worth it. Check out links below.
**Random blab..**

Hmm, Flickr is all good and all but they have 200 photo cap that irks me... anyone there who know of a really unlimited online photo storage? Where one just dump misc photos for blogging purposes. Waaahh...


msnized said...

excellent choices! if i have enough dough, there's no point thinking, i'd get both. but if budget's choked, Lucy's gonna be a better choice, for apparently very obvious reasons.

Bakemono said...

Thanks for the suggest. Yeah, Lucy seems to be a better choice.

kat said...

I wonder why you prefer Lucy... *rotfl*

Photo storage... I alternate between Photobucket and the one that comes by default with Blogger (I think it's Picasa Web) which is about 2GB, I think. Work's well, and you can post slideshows too.

Bakemono said...

Lucy, it does look good. :D

Picasa Web, 2GB?! Hmm... checking.. thanks!