Oct 1, 2007

Amature Picture Taking

I went ahead pulled out Lilith from my stash of toys. Imitated Danny Choo's photo style using my Sony DSC-P73. Soo here.. Hehehe. I want a better cam. Wah.



If you notice, unfortunately, time took its toll on her. I'll try to research on how to clean her up.
Oh yeah, I'm currently dumping most of my pics in my Multiply Photo Album.


kat said...

My guess is, the reason why the other guy's pics are better (aside from the camera pfft) is because of the lighting. Yours is too dark all around, therefore the subject doesn't stand out at all.

That's my opinion anyway. :p

Bakemono said...

I tried to push down the exposure so i could get a better image of Lilith. Hmm, did i make any sense? Haha.

kat said...

Not the exposure, but the lighting of the room itself. Compare mo yung pics nyo. His looks like it was done outdoors, under the blazing sun. Yours look like... "Hmm, I'm going to take a picture of this" and that's it. Like you didn't bother to fix it just point and shoot. :p

Technically terms I don't know wehehehe.