Sep 3, 2007

Video games and other link dump

Currently playing:

Dead Head Fred
As always, I take interest in the most morbid at the least weirdest of games. Here you play as a decapitated private detective in this PSP platform game. As you run around the game trying to crack the case on this big time kingpin, you get to rip off your opponent's head and take some of them as your own. Each head would grant you a special ability ranging from shrinking, spewing teeth, walking underwater and more.


Silent Hill 5
Yey!! Silent Hill 5! I'm really looking forward to whatever chunks of horror goodness under the name of Silent Hill. A point of concern is that the franchise is being moved to a US developer, hope that they do justice to the game. So far it really looks promising.

Haruhi's 3d face
Everyone is quite into this anime, well from i what i could tell from the Internet.
Well, I'm no good in witty written rambles. Soo i'll just dump em here and edit it.. probably never. Hehe. So there, i updated it, i was bored. Hehe.

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