Jun 4, 2007


Well, I'm back in the mental rut again. Can't seem to find that place where I fit in.

With this, am I just taking life too seriously? Am I choosing all this chaos? It just seems that being positive on things is just a form of acceptance of defeat. Consuelo de bobo?

Finally (again), I'm back to my keeping up with the norms of society. It seems to be a trade between individuality and fitting in. Grah... I'm blabbering like a girl.

Here are some of those rhetorical questions, for a lack of a better term.

-Why do girls go for the bad boys? On a similar note, why do those ass monkey womanizers always get lucky?
-Why do geeks/weirdos are left misunderstood?
-Why are the good boys always left out?

**Oh the angst!! LOL!!**

Am I getting worked up on something that is actually very simple?

- SIGH -

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kat said...

*dunno if you'll read this but here goes*

I take offense at you "blabbering like a girl" comment. Guys blabber to. Just say "Ah, I'm blabbering" and keep it at that. ^__^

Wish you said something about being in this rut. Been there, done that, and I don't know if I'm over it ehehe.

Drew asks:
"Why do girls go for the bad boys?"
- Maybe you're looking at the wrong girl. ^___^ Why? Maybe because women see bad boys as someone worth saving, and knowing somehow that their image is just a facade and hope that she can be the one to change him.

"Why do geeks/weirdos are left misunderstood?"
- I think nowadays the tide's changing...

"Why are the good boys always left out?"
- and I'll counter that with "Why are the good GIRLS always left out?" So why not pair those good boys with the good girls and we'll all be happy? Perhaps those good boys and girls are looking somewhere else that's why they think they are being left behind...

Fak, I should just write a blog entry on this ahahaha. Sorry for the long reply! :D