Mar 12, 2011

日本語 Again!

Pic is unrelated... obviously 

Well, I got my ass back to studying Japanese again and I'm on Elementary 2 now. I took up Elementary 1 last year thinking I can study by my own after getting the basics from there. Tried a couple of months of self studying but it all went to meh... Anyways, now I know I don't have the will power to study by myself. So I might keep on going on studying till whenever. Its quite expensive but it kinda feels good to do something you like. It also helps that our sensei now is good looking gal. :D


Kat said...

Hope you get better soon para turuan mo na kami ni Traiu hihihi.

Bakemono said...

Haha. Pahiya nga ako sa first day, I totally forgot what i knew from Elem1! Whee

Kat said...

I is a demanding hrhrhr. :) You can do eeet!