Nov 9, 2008

Weekend Graffiti: A Rhino and Emo

Sigh, been a crazy week. Well, here are some the interesting pics i picked up around the week. *yawn*

Can't help it but the pic, kinda looks wrong. Nasty even. Haha.



Kat said...

"Don't tease me," the rhino said, glaring menacingly at the girl. She continued to laugh, ignoring the rhino's request. "You asked for it," said the animal, and charged at her with all its might.

Yay. Spurt of creativity. :D

Bakemono said...

Hehe. Short stories. Wonder if i could write up something but... im lazy :P

Kat said...

You can do what I do sometimes. I tell my friend my ideas, and she writes them for me :P

Yes, laziness is your worst enemy.