Oct 19, 2008

Halloween's a comin!

Well, as obvious as it is, Halloween is coming. I just enjoy looking at all the ghastly premonitions scattered along the streets and malls. Majority of these pics were taken along St. Francis square. Wish Halloween was celebrated longer though.


Kat said...

Back in 3rd grade, during our United Nations celebration, I had to read out the history of Halloween haha.

I think that Halloween is one of the Western traditions that we don't really celebrate. Probably because it doesn't really have much of connection with our culture, though given our penchant for tikbalangs, kapres, mananangals, we should have at least something that's Pinoy Halloween. Hehe.

Christmas decors stay up for months. Halloween, barely weeks.

Bakemono said...

Yeah, it would be indeed interesting to have a more Pinoy feel for the Halloween.

Sigh, that nasty Santa Claus bumping off Pumpkin Jack so early.